Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Finding Joy In The Everyday...

God's Grace Overflows

Long time no write....

I am finding more and more Joys in my everyday.
It's been busy around here since well, forever!

I have a hard time concentrating long
 enough to get on the computer these days.

I always have more things on the top of my list each day 
and getting on the computer to do anything
 seems more like a chore.

Especially when you have a smart phone. 
It's easier to use it than it is to turn on the ol' computer!

So, instead of making this post long and boring,
I thought I'd share my Joys as of late.

My oldest son got married this March!

I am blessed to finally have
 a sweet and precious daughter!
We just adore her!

The wedding took most of my February and March up.
It was fun to plan and see how everything came together.

Now, we are all adjusting to the new changes...
We are so excited to see them growing together as One!
God sure did pick the perfect couple.

This has been one of my biggest JOYS!

My other two boys are just getting so big!
They have quite the personalities these two.
Never a dull moment and they always keep me on my toes.
I just love my boys!

They are finished with school for the Summer
and we have lots of fun things planned.
So looking forward to a long trip away!

I'm enjoying all the pretty flowers...

And taking JOY in each one that blooms...

And waiting for our Summer adventure to begin....

I find being at home very joyful this year.
I love having coffee and conversation with my mom in love.
Enjoying a visit with my mom.
Reading a good book.
Watching a movie.
Hanging out with my family.
Sunday dinners.
Working in the yard.
Spending time with my hubby.
Planning little trips here and there.
Hanging out with my son and daughter in love.
Taking a walk.
Eating popsicles under the trees.
And the list goes on and on....

What Joys have you found in your days??

I hope you all have a wonderful 
Summer full of Joy and Happiness!

Until Next Time,



Debby Ray said...

Congratulations on the marriage of your son! And now you are a MIL...that is awesome! It's so good to see a post from you! It sounds like it has been just a bit busy in your world, right? I do love summer when it doesn't get too hot and your days sound like the simple pleasures I enjoy as well...when I am able to. It sounds like you have a fantastic summer planned! Give your Mommy-in-Love a hug from me! HUGS!

Billie Jo said...

So happy to see you here today!
Congratulations on the marriage of your oldest!
My oldest got married this past February. It is wonderful, isn't it?
I am finding joy in the new life they are sharing, as well as all things home and family.
I am also happy that we will have a quiet, calm summer after a busy winter and spring!
Please continue to pop in here, my friend. : )

NanaDiana said...

Amy- What a precious, precious post. Congratulations on having a girl to love in your family. She sounds like the perfect fit for your oldest son.

I am glad you are finding so much joy in your home and all the big and little things life brings your way.

My big joy is coming this weekend when I head to FL with two precious grandgirls to hang out for a week. I can't wait!!!! xo Diana

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