Friday, November 9, 2012

Encouragement in the Kitchen

I love cookbooks! (Which I think I have said before) And these are just a couple from my huge collection. I seem to use these two a lot, since I try to keep it simple yet warm in my dishes.
And what can go wrong with a casserole?
 When I get in a rut about dinner time and not know what to make, I pull out one of my cookbooks and start browsing through them until something jumps off the page and viola..... Dinner is planned!
Sometimes we all need is a little encouragement or a little push in order to get something accomplished for the day and dinner always seems to be the last thing on any one's mind until it gets here. My boys are famous for sounding the alarm and asking "What's for Dinner?"
 "Whens dinner gonna be ready?'"
So, as a mom and a wife, I just wanted to tell you that You ALL encourage me with your simple recipes or simple findings and tidbits of the day and I wanted to pass it along to all women! 
 We are an encourager, we are listeners, we are teachers!
Share your knowledge with others, don't be afraid!
 KITCHENS are the most challenging, yet rewarding place of the entire house.
 I teach my children each and every day in my kitchen and I encourage others
and I have learned to cook and bake in here!
My dad was an awesome teacher when it came to cooking and I learned a lot from him. He always taught me to cook with love or your meals will taste sour. I never really knew what he meant until I got married an had no idea how to cook. We lived on cookies and pasta for a long time until I decided I wanted to learn how to cook. Once that was established in me then the fun began. I found cookbooks, I researched. I watched my mom and dad in the kitchen, I helped my mom in law when I could and I experimented on my own and let me tell you some of my dishes were not edible! But, I never gave up and with the encouragement of others..... I can now cook about anything!
Your Kitchen should show love and affection to all who enters.
 Be blessed and have a great week!
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6


Pam said...

What a precious post Amy. I can testify that everything you cook is wonderful, because I have been a very blessed recipient. But I know that when we first begin we can create a few "ugh's". I had a few of those too. I love that your Dad taught you about cooking, that is very special. When I get in a rut, I like to browse the cookbooks too. I always like to hear what you and Roxy are making for dinner, because it always sparks new life into my ideas.

Love ya,

Elizabeth said...

Oh what true words Amy! And so inspiring! I can feel the warmth of your kitchen these thousand or so miles away! I can't wait to enter it again and enjoy with you. Thank you for your love and inspiration Amy :)

Love you xoxoxoxo

Marie said...

You are my encourager. I face the evening meal unprepared a lot and I don't like it. Seeing your cook books and reading about how you get inspired has inspired me. I am remembering your little cabinet for your cook books and now thinking I will make myself a nice special spot like you which will encourage me to pull out my cook books more!!

Thanks for sharing and being my encourager
LOVE you

Gina said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I needed a reminder to serve in my kitchen with love!

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