Monday, March 25, 2013

Iced Mocha Coffee

I just absolutely LOVE Coffee!
And I especially love iced coffee from a coffee shop, but that can get pretty costly, so I came up with my own version after looking and trying several recipes.
Hope you take a moment and try this one.
What's your favorite kind of coffee??
Iced Mocha Coffee
3 c cooled coffee
2 c chocolate milk
1-2 tbsp chocolate syrup
1 tbsp brown sugar
Blend everything into a blender and serve over ice.
Drizzle with chocolate syrup, if desired.
Let all that you do be done in love.
1 Corinthians 16:14
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1 comment:

Pam said...

Oh wow Amy, that looks amazing. I am going to have to tag this one. I'll bet even the little boys would want to get ahold of some of this. I think I love coffee just about any way... I like it black (if I have a rich desert to eat it with, I love it with cream and sugar, I like it all fluffed up like Starbucks, I love it iced like you have done, I like it in a slushy, and I like it in ice cream (have you ever had Starbucks ice cream?... mmmm)

Wonderful scripture; its such a good thing to remember to do even the little things with love.... it makes the everyday very special, and is what holds us together in life don't you think?

Love ya

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