Thursday, July 28, 2016

Quiet Time...

Quiet Time

Who here needs quiet time?

Well...I think it's must to maintain a good home.

If we don't have some form of quiet a little each day, 
then our homes become all out of sorts 
and things start to feel heavy and tiring.

Even if you don't take take for tea, just resting for a few
will revive you just enough to get you to dinner time.
( does me, anyways)

My kids no longer take naps, but I do have them
play a game or do a craft.
Play outside or watch a movie in the afternoons
so I can have a few minutes to myself.

During my quiet time;
 I put my feet up, visit with a friend, read a book,
study the bible, pray, write out a few cards for friends, 
do a craft or close my eyes...

Resting and gaining peace 
in my home is a must for me!

Have you ever noticed how busy it is outside your home?
Every one is moving a mile and minute and sometimes
 that doesn't even seem fast enough for most.
I don't like that pace.
Maybe when I was younger, but not now.
I like to take things at a more slower pace,
enjoy my days at home.
For if not that moment is gone...

What do you do to find some quiet time in your home?

Enjoy your weekend friends!


Billie Jo said...

Simply yes.
I am most happy here inside my cozy home with my people.
You put it correctly... Things just go too fast out there!!!
We all rest in the afternoon...
And now, I'm known to fall asleep!
Have a cozy evening. : )

living from glory to glory said...

These are wise words and if one would practice them, we would have world peace LOL
Yes, I usually take time for rest to get ready for my evening chores.
I love being a homemaker and I enjoy knowing that there are a few ladies that still consider home their favorite places!
Hugs, Roxy

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Amy... Oh, such wise words! Even though I am not a momma, I find days quite tiring what with farm work, housework, business work and keeping up with the busy little ones I am blessed to call my sisters {and brother of course!}. I love to take time to rest in the hour or so is all one needs to be revived to carry on with the day's tasks! Even though the little ones don't sleep that often anymore, they read on their beds or lie quietly... I sometimes laugh when I recall how much I disliked this time of the day as a wee I look forward to it! {{Smiles}}
Have a beautiful weekend, dear Amy... Always refreshing to stop by your lovely blog!

Sylvia said...

Oh yes,I need that every day. I really get tired of hearing the TV, my hubby sits and watching most of the day. I read my bible and just sit and meditate. It helps to start the day off right.

Laura Lane said...

Reading and writing are the quiet things I do. This morning, before the family was stirring (the ones staying home), I read a couple of chapters of John and quietly sang from an old hymnal... all by myself with a cup of tea in a china teacup.

Summer said...

Quiet time is so important to me! Looooving this post♥

Debby Ray said...

Oh yes...quiet time is an absolute necessity for me too...I must have it! The noises of today can be quite deafening at time, can't it? Great post, Amy :)

Stephanie said...

Such true words, my friend. Everyone needs a time of quiet. My son and I will often sit down together with a book of our own. Sometimes we will head off to the craft room where I might work on some sewing and he will sit with me working on a paper craft. Just slowing down is truly a joy and always refreshing.

Hugs to you, Amy!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Oh yes, yes and yes Amy! Finding quiet time is imperative for the balance our soul craves from the busyness of life... it is so necessary to spend time with the Lord and just doing something enjoyable, sweet and precious times indeed! My favorite is early in the morning over a cup of coffee and the Word. The Word is my rock, and the words of life live with me throughout the day. Such joy in my heart to spend time with the Lord before the busyness of life gets started. Thank you for sharing this Amy, and may the Lord bless you in all you do! Hugs to you today :)

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