Friday, July 22, 2016

Reading God's Word...

Reading and Enjoying God's Word

Reading the Word daily is a must to maintai
a healthy relationship with God.

Isn't it amazing how over the years you 
can read the same scripture 
and the meaning of it can change at that 
very moment when you need it the most.

Even though the words never really change.

Do you have a certain way of reading through the bible?

I've done many different types of bible studies
and I love the one where you can pick a scripture, 
write it down and tear it apart word for word.
Using the Matthew Henry Commentary is always helpful.
(Well, for me anyways...)

I love to use Our Daily Bread or 
a sweet devotional for busy moms.
But, I have to make sure it's not going off track
 and sticks with the right scriptures.
John MacArthur is another really good devotional.

Even better, just read through the bible at your own pace
and take notes, lots of notes!

Our time spent with the Lord, is priceless!

Take some time and spend it with the Lord today,
You will be forever blessed!

In His Grace,


living from glory to glory said...

Oh Amy, I love your photos and you hit the nail on the head! I think we need to remind one another to keep in the word, especially in the summer as I tend to get so busy and getting outside early before it reaches 100 degrees! I love John Macarthuer myself he always takes a verse at a time and teaches it so well!
Happy Summer and I sure love your ideas and your post! You are very consistent in your posting!
Love, Roxy

Wendi said...

Our Daily Bread is one of my favorite devotionals. We actually use it in the evening as a family. We read the verse together, read the devotional, chat about it and then pray together as a family. One of my favorite times of the day!

Sylvia said...

Yes Amy,that's the first thing I do every morning, it just starts the day off right. I read Our Daily Bread along with my Bible. I find the related stories encouraging. God's word is alive and helpful for any problem we may have to face.

Debby Ray said...

A wonderful post, Amy...I am so glad there are many great versions and wonderful tools to help us with our studies. You are so right...sometimes we can read a familiar passage and it can speak new truth to us! I hope you are having great weekend :)

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