Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Girl's Best Friend...

This picture is just so precious, isn't it?

There's just something so sweet about a girl (or boy) hugging a dog.
Her Best Friend!

When we are little, we feel safe with a pet or a stuffed friend.
I always had my stuffed animal 
which was a rabbit named Fluffy.

I took Fluffy everywhere!

I told Fluffy things no one else knew.  
She and I went on many adventures together.

We played in the mud and played dress up
and had many tea parties and took lots of road trips.

She never left my side!

I took extra special care of Fluffy 
and my mom made sure she was kept clean and tidy.
If she got a rip, my grandma would patch her up.

Oh the memories...

Once I got out of the stage of playing with stuffed animals and toys, 
I always kept her safe on a shelf or on my bed.

And, when I got married, 
she came along and had a place on my dresser.

She was (and) is still loved.

One day when I am blessed with my first grand daughter
I will pass on my dear friend Fluffy to her 
to have and cherish also!

You are never too old to have a favorite stuffed animal!

This is Fluffy, 
she came out to say Hello!

My grandma gave me Fluffy when I was 4 years old.
She is 33 years old...Wow, where did the time go?

Did you have a stuffed animal
 that you cherished as a child?

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Hugs & Blessings, 


NanaDiana said...

Oh, Fluffy is so cute. What precious memories Fluffy holds for you. I don't think I had any stuffed animals growing up. As a farm kid, we always had a live kitten or animal to love on. Yours is precious! xo Diana

living from glory to glory said...

That was so sweet, and I do not remember having a stuff animal ever. I did have a girlfriend buy me a Teddy Bear only a few years back (Thanks Pam) and she sits on our spare bed. I am glad that our children both had a beloved stuffed animal as their friend. I remember Henry, but I think the other one was a bunny called Fluffy... I cannot remember!
Loved this so much, we all need these happy memories!
Hugs, Roxy

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Such a special memory you shared! I had a special doll that was given to me when I was just a little girl, and she and I spent many good times together. I let my daughter play with her too, and unfortunately, she just fell apart! It was so sad. But, I and my daughter still have those precious memories :) I enjoyed reading your sharing of this wonderful memory from your childhood!

Laura Lane said...

I have my very first teddybear somewhere in a box. He has no eyes, the dog chewed them off.

Debby Ray said...

Awww...Fluffy is just adorable, Amy. This is such a sweet post. I had many stuffed animals and dolls when I was little and I cared for them like they were real. It broke my heart if I would see anyone mishandling them or tossing them about or leaving them lying in an "uncomfortable" postion. I tucked mine in and always wanted them to be well cared for. I imagined that each little creature had feelings....funny thing is, I still feel that way today! Is that crazy or what???

Pam said...

Awww, how sweet. I love your post Amy. Fluffy is very cute... and actually looks very good for her age. The header picture is adorable too. I had a quite a few stuffed animals when I was young, but two favorites "Teddy" and "Bun Buns". I thought they were real, and thought of them just as you described the way you did with "Fluffy" I still have them; although they are not as good a shape as Fluffy is. I have them nicely packed away, I keep thinking one of these days I will mend them and bring them out for the grandkids, although I am not sure if they would survive the grandkids. I also felt the same way about my cat and my dog.... they were my friends, I suppose I still feel that way even at my age. My cats and dogs are little friends that I am very thankful for. That was a sweet memory Amy, so fun that you shared it. Hope you are having a lovely bit of rest while all the guys are out hunting, and I am praying that they bring home an elk.... after which, I know the rest will be over haha.

Hi Friends said...

Amy, I just love that photo too! I remember seeing your stuff bunny fluffy. I have a bunny that I got when I was 6. It was from my Dad. I would take her everywhere too. Once when I went to camp I hid her in my sleeping bag so I would not feel all alone. As we were going to bed I looked all around and all the girls had stuffed animals too.

Sylvia Cannon said...

Good morning,Amy. I enjoyed reliving your memory! I don't remember having a stuffed animal growing up. Your bunny is co cute!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post. I loved and cared for my stuffed animals, too. Just within the past few years, I gifted my childhood dolls etc. to a friend with granddaughters. I did keep a few just for me!

Beth said...

Oh, how precious, dear Amy! What sweet memories of your Fluffy...everyone needs a soft, fluffy toy to cuddle and love...and play with! Have you ever read 'Old Bob's Brown Bear' by Niki Daly? Such a sweet story about little Emma and her bear...she took him everywhere and made many special memories! And the pictures are gorgeous, too!
I got a fluffy horse when I was six years old from my mom and dad...I remember walking past it in the shop one day and snatching it up in my arms; cuddling it and saying how much I would love any six year old girl would do! I am a horse lover, too, you see! Anyway, I got sick, and one day into the room walked my parents with...Musica, as I called this fluffy horse, in their hands! Yes, she became mine, and I still have her to this day! Although, my little sisters have played with her and loved her lots so now she looks a little sad and untidy! Ah, such sweet memories to recall!
I know one day your little granddaughter will love her Fluffy as much as you did...what a blessed bear!
Hugs to you, dear Amy...have a truly blessed and special day!
Kelly-Anne {On her sister's account}

Laura Lane said...

I did. I still have my very first stuffed bear... in a box... somewhere... hmmmm... where?

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