Thursday, March 28, 2013

Homemade Finger Paint

 I like to try and find easy, yet inexpensive craft ideas for my boys to use during art time.
 I found a Homemade Finger Paint recipe at Easie Peasie Blog 
 and I found hers to be a very simple one to make.
This is how my finger paint turned out once I got them into the baby jars.
It took around 10 minutes to make and that's including cool down time.
If you don't have the time to look up her blog site (which she has all kinds of creative ideas),
 here is the recipe:
Homemade Finger Paints
3 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. corn starch
2 c. water
Combine everything into a large saucepan and warm until mixture starts to thicken. Once it thickens, it looks like a clear paste. Let it cool and then pour into containers and add in your food coloring to create your desired colors.
It's a lot of fun and way cheaper (from my point of view) than buying finger paint from the store.
*And if by chance your kiddos try to eat this, they won't get sick!*
Have Fun and CREATE!
These things I have spoken unto you,
that my Joy may remain in you and that your Joy may be full.
John 15:11
Have a wonderful day!!
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Pam said...

I love it Amy. I would like to come over and finger paint with the boys. I still would like to get my hands in that stuff. It looks so beautiful in the jars... exactly what little fingers can't resist. I love the homemade idea, and the fact that you know it is not some weird chemical that will make them sick if they eat it (and they always do... remember school paste? did you ever eat that stuff? I did... why is that?) I would love to have had access to these kind of recipes when my kids were little.
Love you bunches,

Pam said...

I just pinned it.

living from glory to glory said...

Amy this is a really cute idea! I think these are the best craft ideas, because kids like to make thing, but they love to get their hands on it also:)
Blessings, Roxy

Hi Friends said...

Oh my David would just love this. I will have to make this for school next week!

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