Friday, January 24, 2014

God's Gifts...

Do you ever feel like you have nothing?

Just look at all the gifts God has given to us:

He has sent his Angels to care for you,  
His Holy Spirit to dwell in you, 
His Church to encourage you
 and His Word to guide you...

Any time we speak, he listens.  
Make a request and he responds.

He will never let you be tempted
 too much or stumble to far.

Let a tear appear on your cheek, 
and he is there to wipe it away.

Let a love note appear on your lips,
 and he is there to hear it.

As much as you want to see him, 
he wants to see you more...

You have been chosen by Christ....
He has claimed you as his beloved!

Every good action and every perfect gift is from God.
James 1:17

I hope you were as touched as I was, 
when I found this inspirational word from Max Lucado.

It's a good reminder to have when we feel like we have nothing to give.

God always makes things better, no matter the storm.

I hope you have a blessed weekend, friends.



Ceil said...

Hi Amy! I just love that image of the elder's hands in prayer, and the little one resting there. So peaceful and inspiring.

I like Max Lucado a lot. And I do have so much, I don't know why I complain so much. I need to be more thankful, so I am thankful to you for the reminder :)

Have a good weekend, and stay warm! It's still beastly cold here. BRRR.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Amy, I am counting my Blessings now!
It is so important to be quick to rest in His Blessings.
This was very sweet!!
Happy Valentines Day!

Pam said...

Such a good and precious word Amy. Thanks for sharing… I think if we spent our thoughts on remembering and thinking on "every good thing", we would be overflowing every day, instead of crying out in fear and frustration.

Love you bunches,

Stephanie said...

My dear Amy, this was an extra sweet blessing for my morning :) Thank you for being an encouragement to ladies all around the world.

May your day be full of God's joy. Hugs to you!

Laura Lane said...

Amy, it is inspiring. I've shed some tears lately praying for my loved ones who need to be close to God and saved.

Sylvia said...

Thanks Amy for these encouraging words on a day when they were much needed.

Marie said...

Aww this was really good Amy. It is so true. It is a blessing to read your blog and find such encouragement for my day!!

Love you always
~ Marie

lizzy said...

This was soooooo good Amy! I have been working on declaring in the car, while I drive, every thing the Lord has done for me. Wow, it builds my faith and reminds me that He is with me!!! This was such a beautiful word...

I love you!!!

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