Monday, February 17, 2014

Being Joyful...

Good Afternoon Friends!

It has been a very busy few weeks 
and the rest of the month will be just as busy!

Thank you so much for all the Birthday Wishes!
You all made it that much more Special!

I am just soaking in the Lord's Presence today 
and I am so very thankful for his Joy!

I will not stop honoring the Lord, 
I will sing of His Joy and his Love
 and His Wisdom Today
And Forever!

Will you join me?

I can sing of his love forever!

It seems as though, 
when you are really doing good
Satan wants to try and rob you of that Joy you have.

Well, he's not taking my Joy!
I may be tired and wore out, but....

I will rejoice in the LORD Always,
Again I will say, REJOICE!
Philippians 4:4

I hope you all have a Glorious week!!

Be Blessed and full of the Lord's JOY,


Anonymous said...

I choose JOY too! Wishing you many blessings this week.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Amy,
I must say I also feel very tired today, but I will not allow His Joy to be robbed from me. This is a very good reminder! I also choose JOY!
Have a great week and get some rest!
Love, Roxy

Pam said...

Hi Amy,
I love the title and message of your post... it really is a choice isn't it? And I do choose it. I believe it is one of the ways we win the battle;the victory is at hand as a result of that choice. We had such lovely time at your house on Sunday. It was very special to all of us and Steve was honored to be a part of Clayton's birthday in such a way. The food and fellowship was wonderful, and Winston hasn't stopped talking of his great adventure. Thank you for being such a blessing to our family.
Love and Blessings,

Stephanie said...

Thank you, sweet Amy, for this beautiful reminder to have JOY :) Yes, I choose joy!

Blessings to you, friend. Sending hugs your way.

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