Monday, July 14, 2014

Smoothies, Anyone...

Good Morning All!
It's time for our morning Smoothie!

Who wants one?!

I try to make at least 3 smoothies a week for my guys.
They are light and refreshing
and rather filling too...

Especially if you add in some protein powder.

Now, you can throw just about anything you 
want into your smoothies,
but our favorite around here is:

Fresh or Frozen Strawberries,
Bananas, Orange Juice, Protein Powder
and of course Ice!
*and every once in awhile I will add in a carrot or two
 or a handful of fresh spinach leaves,
 for an extra vitamin boost!*
But, that's a secret, don't tell anyone!

Now put it into a blender or a Nutri-Bullet and
 blend until you reach your desired thickness!

Now you can enjoy your liquid energy, 
vitamin packed smoothie!

Have a wonderful, cool day Friends!



Anonymous said...

This looks delicious. I hope you have a very nice Monday, Amy.

Sylvia said...

Looks and sounds great, I may have to try this one~

Pam said...

It sounds wonderful Amy. It is great that you do that for you boys… and I won't say a word to them about the carrots or spinach haha… I know often we Mom's have to give them what is good for them hidden in what tastes good to them. Keep up the good work Mama.

Stephanie said...

Why yes, I would love a smoothie :) I really need to make us some - they are so perfect on hot summer days.

Hugs to you, my friend!

Ceil said...

Hi Amy! Time for you to come over and make me one! Seems like I can never get the right consistency. Maybe it's the blender...I have heard of these Nutri-Bullets. I might need one for my birthday this year :)
Thank you for this refreshing stop this morning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, For some reason, I can't access your email. I just wanted to say that I am sorry you are not feeling well and I will be praying. If I can help in any way, please email me.

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