Monday, August 17, 2015

My Favorite Color...

Hello There!
How are you doing today?  
How has your summer been going?
Can you believe it's almost September?
Where did the summer go?

It's been quite bust here, as you all know from passed posts.
We are getting ready to build our covered porch.
I am so excited!
Once that is completed, I will post all my pictures!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just wanted to share my favorite color with you.

Can you guess what it is?


Bright and cheery RED!

My kitchen is done in Red and all my little
 accents are red with a country twist.

Red just seems to be something so cozy to me.
It's always cheery when we have a cloudy day
and those long winter months set in.

Even when it's hot out, the Red still shines!

I'm always in my kitchen and I just love how
it changes the atmosphere.

It makes me Happy!

This sign describes my family to a T!

Yes, I have a lot of Red in my kitchen
and I also have it out side.  
All of our outdoor furniture is Red!

I think I need to take more outdoor pictures.
I thought I had more on file.
(Inserting Smiles Here)

What is your favorite color??

I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed week!

Hugs & Blessings,


Wendi said...

Red is such an uplifting color.

Kelly-Anne said...

Oh Amy! You have a perfectly darling RED kitchen....and how I love that sweet sign!
Red is such a gorgeous colour...cheerful and bright indeed! My favourite colour is pink...I love every shade, and think blue and pink, green and pink and red and pink absolutely gorgeous combinations! Smiles...
I too have been busy...Spring has arrived and my garden is beginning to show signs of life!
Sending you hugs and so much love...have a blessed Tuesday!

Debby Ray said...

Well Amy, first I'd like to thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my post...I appreciate your visit! Secondly, it looks like we have a couple of things in common...let's see...building a new covered porch, for one and the color red! I also red in the kitchen AND we are in the process of all kinds of home improvements, including painting the outside of our house...yes, RED! You have a lovely blog and I think I'm about to be your newest follower! :) Please come back and visit when you can!

Ceil said...

Hi Dear! I love those red accents! Red is full of life, and so cheery...just like you!

My favorite color is purple. Almost any shade, but I love the deep ones the best. (Purple has red in it!)
Your family credo is so beautiful "We do second chances". I love that!! I think I need to write about this very thing. We are constantly being forgiven, so we have to pass that gift along.

Happy Thursday!

Parlor Room Ponderings said...

You have lovely pieces of red in your home! I love the vintage canisters and I really like the red milk can. Two things you would definitely see at a true farmhouse. Looking forward to seeing your finished porch! Blessings to you! Diane

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a fun post! I loved seeing the little tidbits of red throughout your decor, and while I too adore the color red, I tend to be more a blues/browns kind of gal.. with turquoise being my favorite accent color in my home, it seems. I do love the cheery mood that red brings into a home. Am certainly looking forward to the pictures of your redo, when you can! :)

Laura Lane said...

Red is my favorite color—especially a deep dark red.
It's followed closely by deep dark purple.
Rich colors!

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