Monday, August 29, 2016

Meanwhile... Down on Our Farm...

Good Day to you all!

Do we ever have some news for you!

Our Mama Pig, Jelly had piglets!
This is my middle son helping deliver the babies!

Daddy helping the piglets nurse
as they entered the world!

Jelly decided to bring these precious little piglets
into the world at 10:00 pm, Thursday evening!

My youngest helping out his daddy.
We put the heat lamp up, 
since it was a wee bit chilly out!

Jelly had 9 piglets total...
7 girls and 2 boys

Aren't they just the cutest little piglets?!!

Mama and piglets... Just so sweet!

The boys were amazed at how quickly 
they learn to walk and eat...

Snug as a bug next to mama...

This one is Wilbur, she was born first!
(Yes...I said she, but my son had to name her Wilbur)
Smiles :)

Here's my youngest with his daddy and his 
piglet Charlotte!

We have had quite the excitement around here!
Mama and piglets are doing really well.
As long as her piglets aren't squealing,
 she is a very happy loving mama!

In other news...
Hunting season is upon us,
so I have been busy cooking
 and packing up the camper.
So much to do and so little time.

We have turkey tags and elk tags
so we are really hoping to fill our freezers!

How was your weekend?

Do you have any special plans for Labor Day?

Thanks for stopping by...
I appreciate your visit!



Sylvia said...

Those piglets are so cute! No plans yet for Labor Day, but Friday the 2nd is my hubby's birthday and the family is coming here to celebrate.

Stephanie said...

Oh my, they are adorable, my friend! Lots of fun and excitement at your home {{smiles}}

It's hard to believe September will be arriving in just a few short days. My husband will be hunting bear, turkey, elk, and deer this year so we, too, are hoping to fill our freezers. I hope all goes well with your hunting, my friend. Praying for you!

Love and hugs!

Wendi said...

Oh my, now aren't they cute little things! Labor Day weekend we will be laboring at home. If the rain holds off there is a fence to stain, a garden to start clearing and some carpet to repair from a minor water issue. Always something! :) I hope you are successful with filling the freezer.

Debby Ray said...

Oh my goodness! Next to puppies, baby piglets are the cutest things! How adorable. Thanks for sharing the news about your expanding family..and happy hunting!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Oh how exciting for your children to experience the birthing of the little piglets! I just love Jelly's name too, and of course Wilbur and Charlotte are just the cutest names too... love that book! I can imagine you are quite busy preparing for the hunting trip, and I pray the Lord blesses and that your freezers are full of goodness from the land! Hugs to you today dear Amy!

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