Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Baking...

Tis the Season to be baking...
fa.. la.. la.. la.. la.. la!

I have all ready had one baking day with friends
and I'll be doing another baking day 
with my mom this week.

Whew...that's a  lot of cookies!

Every year I make cookie platters
 for my hubby's work
my Father in Law's crew, my Aunt's office 
and a few of our friends.

I love to bake and give!!

Believe it or not, I really don't 
eat a lot of what I bake.
I might eat my fair share at times 
but I don't eat a lot of my goodies!

Sugar cookie cut outs are our most favorite!!
So I have have to make a double 
batch when I bake!

What are your most favorite 
cookies you bake this time of year?

I do a huge variety...
Almond Blossoms
Cocoa Drops
Butter Brickle Bars
Peppermint Shortbread
Cranberry Orange Shortbread
Ranger Cookies
Sugar Cookies
Cashew Brittle
More Fudge
Just to name a few... HaHa!

I made chocolate covered cherries 
last year for the first time
and they were really yummy!
These are my father in laws favorite!

Click on the link below if you'd like 
to give them a try.

And by the end of the holiday baking season
you will feel like this...

Thanks so much for stopping by...
May you all be blessed with Christmas Cheer!!

Hugs & Blessings To You,


Wendi said...

I made caramel corn and caramels this weekend. Cookie day is planned for Saturday at my parents. My sister and nieces will there and it is such fun! My favorite Christmas cookie is mexican wedding cakes. They are only made at Christmas and I could eat them all!

living from glory to glory said...

Oh, that kitty was so funny...
I love the sugar cookie myself! You have blessed so many people with your cookies over the years. I enjoy having many varieties, so they can be tasted a little at a time, Nibble, Nibble...
Which one are you going to leave out for Santa this Christmas?
Decisions, Decisions
Hugs, Roxy

Debby Ray said...

My baking days will be coming up on Friday and Saturday. Busy, busy, busy! Merry Christmas hugs to you, Amy! ♥

Parlor Room Ponderings said...

I love baking too! I just made thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam and they were delicious! Shortbread is a must. I'll be doing more this weekend. There's a winter storm headed our way tomorrow night, so using the oven should help to keep the house warm. Happy baking Amy!! Diane

Laura Lane said...

I baked Snickerdoodles this morning to take to a cookie exchange this afternoon.
Christmas Blessings,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Oh my goodness, you are the COOKIE QUEEN! Wow! That is a LOT of cookies! So wonderful for all your family and friends to get to enjoy! I am not doing much baking this year as we will be out of town, those amazing chocolate covered cherries, oh my! I need some of those, lol! My family has made our traditional Paintbrush cookies, and I hope to have a post up soon about them. Hugs to you today dear friend :)

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