Thursday, March 1, 2018

Did You Know?...

Well Hello there!!
It's a new month and I'm inviting it with open arms!!
A clean slate perhaps...

I'm ready for something new and something fun!

How bout you?

I thought I'd try something a little new and fun on this post.
I thought I would tell you all a little about me.
Would you like that?

I don't think I've done anything like that ever on here
and you are all probably wondering who I really am.
Yes? No? Don't care?
Oh get to take a glimpse anyways...

God's Grace Overflows

I absolutely LOVE Sunflowers!!
They are such a happy flower!

God's Grace Overflows

I LOVE to can! 
Over the years I've canned jelly, jams, dill relish, green chilies,
potatoes, green beans, applesauce, fruit syrups, fruit butters,
chicken, beef, salsa, spaghetti sauce and a whole lot more!
Everything is made with LOVE!!
(Which is the key ingredient if you didn't know)

God's Grace Overflows

I LOVE Cowboys and their Boots!
I'm a Boy Mom and I LOVE it!!

God's Grace Overflows

I LOVE the color RED!!
Red is such a cheery color!
I love Red so much I painted my kitchen
 and all my outdoor decor red!

Panda Bears are my favorite animal!
They are just so cute and cuddly.

God's Grace Overflows

I LOVE Butterflies...
Need I say more?

God's Grace Overflows

I enjoy being in the great outdoors 
especially with my favorite peeps!

I'm not much of a hiker, but since I'm a Boy mom
I do try really hard to keep up with them.
I'm a bit of a klutz, so some hikes I come back 
with many bruises and scratches.
My hubby always calls me graceful...

I love to four wheel....
I've been on many four wheeling adventures!!
Too many to count!
And I'm NOT a thrill seeker
I just enjoy climbing a simple dirt or mud hill once in awhile.
But...let's just say some of these adventures
 I had to pray my way through.
I'm still here, so God must have answered those prayers!!

God's Grace Overflows

I LOVE to fish!
Stream fishing is fast paced
and lake fishing is learning patience
(which I have a lot of)
I don't however like to take the fish off the hook!
No thank you!
Thank goodness for a hubby that doesn't mind helping me out!

God's Grace Overflows

Sometimes you just need to stand on top
 of the world to get a better view!
I LOVE exploring!
(No this isn't me, I don't really like heights much)
Just ask my hubby...
I can get to the third step of the ladder and that's it, folks!
Heights and me= Nausea, panic...

God's Grace Overflows

I LOVE to take scenic photos!
I'm getting quite good at my camera now too!!

God's Grace Overflows

I LOVE taking new roads! Breaking new trails!
These roads ALWAYS lead to adventures!!
Trust me on this one! Wink!

God's Grace Overflows

Aspens are my favorite trees!
They are so skinny and tall and so peaceful!
Just like me!!
I'm 6 feet tall and at times I can be peaceful.
I used to be painfully shy.... 
it would almost hurt to talk to anyone 
when I was in my younger years.
God changed that!!

God's Grace Overflows

I just LOVE to take pictures of almost every kind of flower
especially if they are next to old wooden fences!!

God's Grace Overflows

Sunsets are my absolute favorite!
Life's too short not to witness the
 Master Painter's views each evening!

God is so AMAZING isn't he??

God's Grace Overflows

I just LOVE rainbows!!
Another sign of God's Beauty!!

Mountain rainbows are truly a sight to see!
I wonder if where that pot of gold is?

God's Grace Overflows

Since I LOVE to be in the Great Outdoors
I also LOVE to camp! In my fifth wheel of course.
I no longer tent camp.... lets just say bears! 
No further explanation needed, right?

My mom got this for me as a gift one year and
 I wear it proudly while up camping!!

God's Grace Overflows

And last but certainly not least...
My LOVE for Jesus!!

He is my whole world and I am so glad
 He found me over 20 years ago!  
He saved me and redeemed me and made me His daughter.
Boy have I been changed into something pretty special.

Thank you Jesus!!

Well...there you have it.
Did you learn something new about me today?

I sure hope so, cause this was a long post!!

Until next time....Thanks for stopping by!
I love that you stop in to say Hello!

Have a great March!!!

Hugs to you,


living from glory to glory said...

Oh my goodness, this was such a great post I LOVED IT!!
I loved the photos and the thing about heights and bears made me laugh!
You are an amazing woman and you have been the best Mom to all those boys!
They will think one day when you're old and gray, they will say our Mom was quite the camper, hiker and trooper. And a great cook to-boot...
I know you have a huge trip planned this summer and I know you will get some great shots and memories...
Hugs, Roxy

NanaDiana said...

I learned a LOT about you today, Amy. I loved this post. I had no idea what you did in your personal time-had no idea you were that tall-(all of my grandgirls are going to top 6' too)- and that you love canning and camping. I love that you wear your Christianity on the outside as well as it dwells in your heart. You are a good messenger for the changes God makes in a person.

Enjoy your weekend- xo Diana

Debby Ray said...

I loved getting more acquainted with you, Amy! Man, you really are a tall drink of water, aren't you? I noticed that the other day when I saw a pic that either you or Roxy posted. I thought to myself either Roxy was very short or you were very tall...LOL! It sounds like we have many things in common as well...the love for Jesus, the outdoors, photography, sunflowers, butterflies, etc. The only thing that makes me sad is the fact that I will never be able to meet some of favorite blogging friends face to face...but we WILL get to meet in heaven one day and THAT will be amazing!

Hugs and blessings to you, Amy!♥

Laura Lane said...

I love sunflowers, too. I grew up in Kansas the sunflower state.
I love to make jams.
Dark red is my favorite color. We are getting ready to paint our kitchen white. I am going to decorate with red accents.
I love Jesus, too.
I cannot remember when we first "met", and I haven't kept up well with your blog since the cancer, but I'm glad to call you my blog friend.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
who is in remission and finished radiation TODAY!
Spring looks a whole lot better this year than EVER before!

Billie Jo said...

I LOVED this post!!!!
I so enjoyed getting to know you beyond the blog!!!!
Sunflowers make me happy.
I wish I knew how to can.
And I envy your love of the outdoors.
I am more of an indoor girl. LOL
You are beautiful, my friend.
I am happy to know you...even better now!

Jennifer said...

Hello! So wonderful to read all about you! You are such a lovely person, with some wonderful "loves".
Your pictures are so beautiful they capture a gentleness that makes one want to stand and watch awhile.
What a special life God has given!

Sandi said...

Red is my favorite too! And standing on top of the world. And...I love Jesus. :)

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh what fun Amy! I just LOVED getting to know you better! I love to can too, and while red isn't my favorite color (I'm a blues kinda gal) I do love pops of red in my world. Fixing up your camper sounds like a really fun project! I sure wish we could go camping together! Oh the fun we would have! Our family's favorite times together have been camping. And we don't tent camp either, because of bears and moose. There's just too many of them around here and I wouldn't sleep well at night. A friend of ours and her sister went camping last year, and had a bear keep them up all night. It was a terrible night for them. They will never do it again. I'm glad they survived, but only because they had a gun that they had to fire several times to scare it, and they had to stay up all night long and keep a fire going. So yes, we camp in trailers for that reason. I really enjoyed this post... and I too love sunflowers! Such sweet happy faces! Thank you for sharing such delightful details about yourself. I may need to do a blog post about that too, because sometimes you just share your life, without much ado about yourself, well at least I do. Hugs to you sweet friend!

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