Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls remind me of being in the kitchen with my grandma.  I loved making and baking and creating new dishes with her.  And, then for the longest time I never made them and my mom did. My moms cinnamon rolls are a comfort food that I just love. She makes hers with a gooey topping and I just learned how to make them just last week.
 For whatever reason, I always struggled with the yeast thing and my rolls never turned out, so I gave up. Then just last week my mom in law, Roxy told me it was time to learn to make bread.... So, she showed me step by step what to do in the whole bread making process
 (I'll post that in another post)
So, last week we made whole wheat bread and cinnamon rolls and boy were they yummy!
 And, nothing was hard. The yeast did it's job and as Roxy told me to knead some love into that dough. And guess what?! It worked!
So, today I decided to try making it on my own with no assistance and both my bread and my cinnamon rolls turned out. I made on batch that was gooey like my moms and one batch with frosting, my hubby's favorite!
Sometimes I think for whatever reason the timing was off when I tried to make bread years ago, maybe a little sadness from my grandma being gone or being a new bride and not having a clue what I was doing in the kitchen or I just feared the yeast! All I can say to anyone out there trying to make bread is don't give up,
keep trying and if you need some help-ASK!
When you first don't succeed try, try again!
And, now for the recipe:
Also, in the recipe above, I didn't do the cinnamon raisin filling, I did a combination of brown sugar, nuts, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. You can make up your own mixture to put in yours, if you would like.
If you want the gooey topping:
In your 9x13 pan, spread about a 1/4 cup butter, then top the butter with about 1 1/2 cups brown sugar and then drizzle over the top with about a 1/2 cup corn syrup or honey. Then put your cut dough rolls on top and then let rise.
They are ooey gooey and so delicious!
I hope you enjoy this simple easy recipe as much as I did!
Be Still And Know That I Am GOD!
Psalms 46:10


living from glory to glory said...

Amy this is such a sweet post. I think your Grandma and Mama would be blessed. As I know it really blessed and honored me!
You have such a gift of homemaking.
We all long for these memories and it will impact the generation of warriors you are raising.
Guns and gooey cinnamon rolls just go together!
Blessings and Peace Always, Roxy

Pam said...

I'm definitely a gooey roll person... although I'm a frosting roll person too.... but gooey rolls are the best of the best... with nuts... much better than raisins; although if you were to give me a cinnamon roll with raisins and a cup of coffee, I would scarf it down, and hang out and gab for a good hour with you and hope I would get another one before I left. LOL

Love you bunches

Farming On Faith said...

Oh~ they look heavenly.
Nothing says lovin' more than homemade cinnamon rolls baking in the kitchen!

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