Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Family Camping Trip

A few weeks ago, my hubby wanted to take the boys on a Coyote/Camping trip
So.... we got the camper all ready and headed up to the mountains for 5 days! 
It was a long trip up there!!  3 1/2 hours later and we finally reached our destination!
Isn't it just beautiful??
It took us awhile to get camp set up and everything put in its place for our stay!
And all three of my boys slept in the tent.
 Noah and Marshall immediately got their suits on to go play in the creek behind our camp!
 Noah got stuck in the mooky muck and he was stuck bad! 
 He almost cried when his BB Gun got the muck on it!
Noah is our little lumberjack! 
 He cut down this 60 foot tree with just an ax!!
And this was within the first hour we arrived at camp!
(All Smiles)

 Little Marshall loves to stream fish with his daddy!
He caught 3 brook trout and ate them at every meal!
 My hubby standing in front of the storage shed near the living quarters of the mine.
It's so amazing how the old miners lived back then.
That's always been fascinating to me.
If only these walls could talk........
 This is how we fish.... Redneck style!
Clayton's showing us how it's done!
 This was the coolest thing ever!
A butterfly landed on my hubby's hat and never left.
The butterfly has always been his sign from the Lord.
Amazing, isn't it??
 Now, if you look real close, this tree stump looks like an elephant with his trunk up high!
I thought it was such an amazing picture and I captured it just for you all to see!
It's so awesome that God can create something so amazing in a tree stump!
 We found baby acorns on one of our walks.
Aren't they so cute?
 This is one of the many mines we saw while driving to Bonanza
(on a very bumpy, need four wheel drive kind of roads)
And... we loved every minute of it!!
And, after many attempts at getting a picture, this was one of the better ones.
We were laughing so hard, I'm actually surprised we got any good ones :)
This was one of my favorite mines.  It's so rustic!
Noah trying to figure out who lives in the old bunker home.
There was a rather large nest of some sort in the inside.
He chose to stay outside!  Good choice if you ask me :)
And this concludes a glimpse into our camping trip!  We have many more pictures, but I picked out some of the better ones for you all to enjoy!  We love to camp and have been to just about all the mountains in our beautiful state of Colorado!
I won't be going on the next camping trip, for that will be for "Boys Only."
Which is fine by me because I don't like to hunt!!
So, if my hubby and son get an elk, I'll post that at a later date!
Have a wonderful week!!


living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Just a wonderful post! Loved the pictures and the writing explaining each picture made me smile. Also Pinned the chery pie post too!
Blessings, Roxy

lizzy said...

YAY!! I am so happy to look at your fun trip! What a glorious time! Especially for boys ;) Winston would be in heaven! He hasn't ever been camping before, but I can begin to picture it now. I think Winston will forever hold your boys up in awe and admiration! Colorado looks so lovely. I could really feel it in your beautiful pictures. Love you Amy!

Pam said...

Oh I was hoping you would post about your camping trip, and you did. I loved every morsel. Your pictures were great. I loved them all. The one of you and the boys is really nice; you should get that one put in a frame. Love the Butterfly on Barry's hat. You have got me interested now, and I want to hear more. I will have to get more details the next time I come over. You can fill me in over coffee. Those boys are all very special.
Love and Blessings,

Stephanie said...

Hi Amy! What a delightful family trip! There is nothing quite as fun as camping with the family :) Thank you for sharing with us. I see some amazing looking cherry tarts...can't wait to look at the recipe :)

Have a lovely weekend, friend!


Ashley said...

Hi Amy,
Wow looks like a very fun trip. I can't believe how big the boys are getting now. I just love going camping. I there is something about being outside with God. I always fell refreshed after a camping trip.
We get to go camping next week. Our camping does not have mountains but I do get to set by the ocean.
I love that the boys camp in the tent! It's like a Minnie trip for you and Barry. Miss you tons!!!

Ceil said...

Hi Amy! No wonder you were so tired! I love being outside, but all that fresh air does make you sleepy.

I just loved seeing the photos of your family, and you too. That butterfly on your husbands hat was amazing! I am so impressed that you not only catch the fish, but eat it too. Even the kids! I think my own children would have looked at me like I was crazy if I asked them to do that. City kids, right??

So glad you had a fun, safe time. And you get to have some 'me time' for the next trip. Yay!


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