Monday, October 14, 2013

Today's Menu, full of Grace!

Do you have picky eaters?
I do!
And some days its a battle to get them to eat anything off their plates.
Other days, it seems like down right torture throughout the meal.
Each one of my boys refuses to try something new.
What's so wrong with eating a little spinach?
Noodles?  Who doesn't like noodles?!
It seems like every day,
 they dislike something even if they have eaten it for weeks prior.
So, I have come to a conclusion,
that if they are hungry enough, they will eat what's on their plate.
With the price of groceries going up, we try not to waste everything.
Some days our chicken eat better than we do.
We as a country, waste way more than we should.
This was the saying in our house growing up:
Take it or Leave it!
Some days, I ate it and some days I refused and left it!
I still chuckle at that thought now, as a mom of picky eaters.
Let the Battle Continue!

What do you do to handle picky eaters?
Have a great, full of giggles kind of week!


Laura Lane said...

Once upon a time, I required three bites. I also wouldn't let them say no to a food. They were allowed to say, "I'd like a small portion while I'm learning to like that." In fact, I'd forgotten about that phrase until one of my children said it just the other night.

Harvest Lane Cottage

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I get to eat what I cook, and I cook what I want to eat!
Kids are gone and sometimes I eat a cookie first :)
Blessings, Roxy

Pam said...

We have had 3 picky eaters in our house the last 8 years.... it has definitely about wore us out. We did always tell them to try something new. They didn't have to eat it all, but they weren't allowed to say they didn't like something they had never tried. I know its harder for the little guys. We did limit their snacking if they didn't eat their meals. Once they were eating better meals, then I knew the snacks wouldn't be filling them up. I don't know why it is all such a battle. I hope your battles disappear. Love you

Ceil said...

Hi Dear! I remember as a kid, we'd be alone at the dinner table when everyone else was excused, staring at cold peas (or whatever the offending food was). And there wasn't special dishes for anyone, you ate it. Period.

With my kids, if they didn't finish, no dessert. It was very common to ask what was for dessert that day, because my kids would have to decide if it was worth it!

Great memories. What you are going through goes on in every house in America!

I would love a 'full of giggles week'. I'll work towards that, my friend!

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