Monday, December 9, 2013

Birthday Boy

Today is my son's 7th Birthday!
Where on earth did the time go??
It's flying so quickly......
Noah opted out of having a Big Birthday Bash this year
and decided he wanted to go out for a family dinner and a movie!
Shocking, I know!
Here's my little Monkey!
He is my outdoor kid.
He loves to play Army and shoot his bow
and hunt for anything that moves!
He's also my tender hearted child, that wears his heart on his sleeve
and isn't afraid to make noise when necessary to make a point!
It's hard to get him to stand still for too long,
especially for a picture!
So, here's to you Noey! 
Happy Happy Birthday!!
And, now we are off the see the new movie Frozen!
(I hope it's a good one, wink-wink)
Have a wonderful week
and Party like's it's your Birthday!


Pam said...

I could just eat him up. I love all those qualities about him, and just marvel at him (I marvel at all of your boys). Yesterday he told me that he wanted to go out to Country Buffett for his Birthday, so I look forward to hearing him tell me about his birthday fun.
Happy Birthday Noah. Many Blessings to you.
Much Love,

Sylvia said...

Such a sweet looking little boy,Happy Birthday,Noah!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Buddy! Sure do wish we could be there with you. have a cupcake for me. Hope you liked your gift.

Ceil said...

Hi Amy! Your son is ADORABLE! Happy happy birthday to him. What a sweetie to want to spend time with his family. I know that Frozen is one of the most popular movies right now, so I think you'll enjoy it.

I gotta sign off now. Time to party like it's my birthday :)

living from glory to glory said...

Happy Birthday!
He is such a sweet and precious boy! I love him so much!!
I pray he has many many more!
Grandma xoxo

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