Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Fourth of July...

These are my son's boots...
Aren't they so Patriotic? 

We are so proud to be Americans
In this place of Freedom!

We need to continue to pray for our Country
before everything we have known is lost and forgotten.

One nation under God!
Always and Forever!

Remember who fought for our freedom
Say thank you to our soldiers, 
continue to pray for their safety!

Please be safe on this Holiday weekend!

And have a Happy Fourth of July!

In God We Trust!



Anonymous said...

Hope you and your family enjoy the holiday.

Pam Phelps said...

Oh I love the picture of Clayton's boots Amy. That should be put in a frame. The boots them selves should be in a frame too.. perhaps when he outgrows them you should do something special with them. Have a wonderful Fourth of July. We'll be thinking of you. Not sure if we are going to the Parade yet or not...if we do we'll look for you? I can't imagine a fourth of July with out Barry's big water rig, and those boys getting us all wet. The funnest of memories.
Love you

Jan Tanis said...

Love the photo of your son's boots! Very patriotic indeed. Happy 4th!

Stephanie said...

Thinking of you, my friend! Your picture is darling :)

Hugs and blessings!

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Amy, I loved having our photo shoot day when we took these amazing pictures! I love the way you worked the red and black and white! I missed you so much on the 4th!
Looking forward to catching up and a summer camping trip!
xoxo LOVED this post...

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