Monday, January 11, 2016

No Bake Chocolate Bars...

Hello There!

How is your week going?
Do you have any special plans for the week?

It is my anniversary and we have lots to celebrate!

19 years of marriage is a big deal!
 So why not start my Celebration Week 
with a yummy easy sweet treat!

* * * * * * * * * * *

These are my absolute favorite chocolate bars
these have been made many times through out the years!

No Bake chocolate bars

1 c butter
1/2 c packed brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
3 c quick oats
1 c chocolate chips
1/2 c peanut butter

grease a 9x9 inch pan. melt butter.
 add sugar and vanilla. 
mix well. stir in oats. 
cook over low heat 2-3 minutes. 
press half of mixture into pan.

melt chocolate chips. 
stir in peanut butter. 
pour chocolate mixture over oat mix. 
crumble remaining oat mixture 
over chocolate layer. 
pressing gently.

cover and refrigerate 
2-3 hours before serving.

Blessings & Hugs,


Wendi said...

Happy Anniversay!

JES said...

These look amazing!!! And congratulations (we are both on our 19th this year)! I will be trying this recipe :)

Ceil said...

Hi Amy! Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! Are you getting to the point where you've been married longer than you were single? 19 years is a long time, best of blessings to you!

I am laying low today, a bit wiped out! My sister from Alamosa just left today, she was here for the weekend to visit me and my Dad. It was so fun, but I'm tired! Another sister comes this weekend with her family, but they're staying in a hotel. I think that won't be as taxing.

You and yours are in my prayers, absolutely. Where would be without the prayers of our faithful friends? It's an honor always.
Have a blessed afternoon my friend,

Parlor Room Ponderings said...

Hi Amy! Happy Anniversary!! These squares look easy and delicious. I'll give it a try this weekend! Have a great week celebrating!!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

What a great recipe! I love the no-bake recipes, so easy and fast to put together... this is another saver for sure!

Happy anniversary to you and your husband! Hope that you are having a blessed week celebrating together. 19 years is a huge milestone indeed! May the Lord bless you and your husband with many many more years together! Lots of love to you dear friend! :)

Jennifer said...

These look so delicious! Thank you for the recipe so that I can try some! We just made chocolate drop cookies (the boiled kind) so I'm sure that my children will love them. :)
Congratulations on 19 years of marriage! I celebrated my 19th anniversary last August. Such a blessing it is to be married and each year is a treasure!

Ashley said...

Happy anniversary! Thank you for posting this recipe. I really want to make these sometime. :)


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hello I'm visiting from the enchanting rose. Your no bake chocolate bars look so yummy and good.
Thanks for sharing the recipe to make them.
Julie xo

Stephanie said...

Good morning, sweet friend! And may I wish you a belated Happy Anniversary! I hope you and your hubby had a nice celebration {{smiles}}

Your treats sound delicious! I was sold at chocolate and peanut butter - ah, I love the two together.

I hope you are enjoying your week. It's been rather cold here again and supposedly we have snow coming in {yay!}

Love and hugs to you

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, Yes these look amazing! No Bake...
I do hope you have many more years to love and celebrate your marriage!
You make a lovely couple!
Hugs, Roxy

JES said...

Good morning! Just to let you know we have *featured* this recipe today on the Art of Home-Making Mondays! Thank you for sharing it with us!!! :)

JES said...

Hi Amy, Just wanted to let you know I made these this week and they are delicious! This recipe is supposed to be for a square 9 by 9 right? I wasn't sure about that part as perhaps it could have been 9 by 13? Either way, they were tasty! :)

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