Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Den is Complete...

Gods Grace Overflows

It's FINALLY finished!

Would you like to see?

Yes, I apologize now for all the photos, but it was hard 
to get one good picture of the whole den.

So, let's get started.
These are the before pictures.

The den was a golden yellow before.
We had one wall done in half wood.
You can see the water damage above the window.

Sorry, the lighting was not good in this one.

Here is the door to my oldest sons room.
My hubby custom built it for him when he was much younger.
The door will get put to good use on another project.

Here is my hubby and oldest stretching out the carpet.
We decided to keep the carpet until our boys get a bit older
and the puppy is fully trained.

My hubby and I put up old barn metal on the ceiling.
That was really hard work and time consuming.
I think my arms are stronger now.. Haha!

My hubby working hard at getting 
the wood planks on the wall.

The main wall completed with wood.
Curtains up... and yes they are CAMO!

This is our closet, we need new wood doors.
But told hubby to wait till next year.

This is what the den looks like from the hallway.

Another view from my son's room.

The walls are now painted a cocoa brown.

What's a western room without a few guns?!

This cowboy with his horse and cow has been passed 
down from generation to generation to my boys.
It just belongs in this room!

My son got a new door with a lock,
to keep out his 2 younger brothers! 

All horses!

These were my oldest sons boots when he was a wee little one.
Also the toy horses were his...
Oh the sweet memories!

And lastly, my old fashion lantern...
Just in case the power goes out
I have light!!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of our newly remodeled Den!

Have a great weekend!


SpicingUpIdaho said...

My goodness! You sure have been busy! My arms just hurt looking at that ceiling, it looks amazing! It is just a perfect room for all of your guys! I loved the touch of your son's boots from when he was younger, and his horses, such a cute vintage touch! The wood on the walls looks great, and I love the horse pictures too. You really did a great job with all of this, and even more, I'm sure you are so relieved to have the project finished! Hugs to you dear Amy, have a blessed day! :)

NanaNor's said...

Great job Amy! It is always so nice when you are able to redo a room and yours looks great. Hugs,

Vicky Hunt said...

Wow Amy! You guys have been busy! I love what you did and it looks like the perfect, cozy spot to hang out with your family. I love that you incorporated the boots and toy horses into the room as well as the wall art that has been passed down. So cool! Such good memories to be surrounded with. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Vicky

Wendi said...

Yay! for finished projects! Oh my, that is an awesome ceiling. I can imagine that it was an arm aching projects. Well worth the aches for the character it adds. The personal touches make the space. Great job, Amy!

living from glory to glory said...

What a great job you all did to get that room in ship shape. It really is so very cozy now and everything looks really good in there. The ceiling was the best idea yet! Love that rustic look. It all fits for the boys den! Have a great weekend...
Hugs, Roxy

Debby Ray said...

Ooh...I just love me some rustic elements and you have a great look going! My neck hurts just imagining how hard it was putting the metal on the ceiling. Awesome job!

Laura Lane said...

Ever so much nicer!
I'll bet you love it! Well, I know your guys do!

Why hang the guns upside down? Just wondering.


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