Monday, February 27, 2017


I love books!  
I have learned so much from them!
Reading is a lifelong interest to me.

I own so many books, some that I have read 
over and over again
and some are just waiting to be opened.

By reading so much over the years,
 I have now gained knowledge.
Knowledge is good and helpful when it
 applies to situations in life.
But, some knowledge isn't good knowledge to have.

When you look at the bible, there is enough
 knowledge in there to keep me busy forever!

While studying the bible, I have learned to have
 a good understanding of its principles, 
I often find that my knowledge has failed me 
when its time to turn what I know into action.

Knowledge must travel from your mind all the way 
down into your heart to be truly useful.

Watch your actions and reactions to 
see if this is happening in your life.

When our kids irritate us, do we snap 
at them or speak a sharp word?
Or do you stop and wait to respond?

If their chores aren't done well and on time, 
how do you react?

Do you find the way you act in your home 
different than the way you act in church?

Head knowledge is pretty easy to teach your children.
Give them books. 
Make some assignments.
They will either get it or they don't!

Heart knowledge is a little more difficult in instill in our children.
But this knowledge is the best by far.
One way to evaluate heart knowledge is to
 watch how you treat each other.
Are they polite to others?
Do they follow rules?

It is vital that we make sure that our children not only 
know what is right but they do what is right.

We must raise our children of godly character, 
not children that are merely filled with facts.

Head knowledge without heartfelt 
action is just plain useless!

Knowledge becomes real when we use it!

Teaching our children in such a way is that they know
 how to use what they know for the Glory of God.

It humbles me to realize that when I know to do good,
 but don't do it, I sin.
I want my children to learn this, too.

Where does your knowledge come from?
In your head or in your heart?

Have a delightful day!!

In His Grace,


Jennifer said...

Beautifully put! Wisdom comes from the Lord and He gives to all who truly ask Him for it. The world is so full of knowledge, but when it doesn't make it to the heart like you said it's not of value. I think of this as I homeschool my children. How very important it is to centre all of our learning around the Word of God, and to stay humble before the Lord.

Billie Jo said...

So beautiful!
I am an avid reader too!
I love to sit and read the day away.
I love homeschooling as well...
Being able to share my love of reading and knowledge with my children.
Have a cozy evening!

Laura Lane said...

A convicting post for sure.
Hope you have a blessed week.

SpicingUpIdaho said...

You have made an excellent point Amy... head knowledge is useless without application. I think of the Pharisees, the ones who came against Jesus with all their learned knowledge... but they had no desire to truly love the Lord, instead they were in love with knowledge, but not the One who knows all. And it is so true, hard to make the connection from our head to our heart. I've said many times, my head knows it, but my heart doesn't... and that is where the spirit of the Lord is our Helper, to help us make that connection. We cannot do it alone, but with the help of the spirit of the Lord, we can! Greater is He that is in us! Hugs to you today dear friend, your writing is a blessing!

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