Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hello There!

Hello Dearies...
It's been awhile since I've been on the ol' computer!

I'm not sure where the Summer went
but it went flying by...

We were very busy this Summer.
 Lot's of camping, family came and went, 
more camping, celebrating 4th of July,
celebrating my youngest sons birthday, 
enjoying a weekend getaway with just my hubby
and now I am trying to get back into 
the swing of school with the boys.

My oldest son is taking a new journey to finish out
the few classes he needs to graduate.
He'll still be doing school at home,
but will be doing everything on the computer
versus everything on paper.
And he'll be starting college classes in the Spring
to get a welding degree!!

So exciting!!

I can't wait to see what God has in 
store for this school year! 

Lot's of exciting new things.
Lot's of new things to learn.

How has your Summer been treating you?

Anything new you'd like to share?

I really don't have much to say,
for some reason I just can't seem to 
get back into the groove of blogging.

So, if I'm away for a bit longer,
just know it's because I have writers block. Ha!

Thanks for stopping in and staying with me.

Until I write again...

Happy August!!



Billie Jo said...

Hello Amy!
So happy to see you here!
I am glad you had a nice summer with fun and family.
It did pass quickly!
Please don't worry about not having anything to say...
Just keep blogging!!!!
Have a cozy evening, my friend.

Debby Ray said...

Hi Amy! I am thinking that Instagram has been hijacking some bloggers too. Have you noticed that? I post some things now and then but not everyday. I hope your school year will be a good one! Hugs!

Jennifer said...

Hi Amy, it's a wonderful thing to be able to look back on the summer and have it bring a smile to your face. Praying for you as you jump back into lessons with the boys.
We've had another frost and fall is saying it's here to stay. A new chapter has come and I'm excited for what the Lord has in store.
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh Amy! I'm with you! It's been a very busy hot summer here, and now my maple leaves are turning red, and I know fall is here! Summer didn't last but really a month, lol! We did enjoy every day to the fullest, and for that I am thankful. I am sure you will find things to blog about, dear friend, just sharing your life and the things important to you, that's what I love to read about, and of course your recipes always are so good :) My son is in advanced welding college classes this fall, and he really loves it. Good for you son to be purposeful and moving forward with his education.. hard on us to let go, isn't it... but that is what we teach and train our children for, is for them to be responsible and strong once they are grown. Always enjoy my visits with you, and hope you will keep sharing your heart with us :) Hugs and love!

Laura Lane said...

I haven't done much this summer. Chemo has knocked me down, but you know all that if you've been reading the blog. I'm taking a break from blogging. It's been a whole week, and it feels like forever.

I just haven't been by to see you for awhile. I read your comment on one of my old blog posts ( https://harvestlanecottage.blogspot.com/2015/10/my-day-book-october-5-2015.html ), and it reminded me to come and say hello.

We're easing into school. I have a senior and a sophomore. Three more years and I'll be done. Who knows what life will look like then?

Well, enough for now. The family is stirring. I feel better today than I usually do, so I hope to enjoy this Labor Day before I go back to the doctor and chemo this week. Last time. Yay!

Be blessed,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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