Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Last Days of Summer and a Hunting Trip...

God's Grace Overflows

Even though Summer has come to an end,
well not officially yet since Summer stretches to the 22nd...
But you get my point, right?!

We did another trip to the beautiful mountains.

My guys went hunting!
I came along for the first few days
and I must say I had fun.

I didn't actually hike through the woods with them,
I stayed at camp during the morning hunts
and then a few hours before the sunset we all went
to glass the hillsides in the SUV.

Such beautiful country up in them mountains.

I apologize for the ones that follow me on Instagram
as you have all ready seen most of these photos.

God's Grace Overflows

These beautiful flowers were right 
outside my camper door.

In the woods, not an RV park or camp ground.

Pure bliss and in awe of God's Creation!

God's Grace Overflows

See this bird here, I'm not sure what kind it is
but let me tell you,
he dive bombed me every 
time I had food in my hand. 
I may or may not have screamed
 and ran a few times.


So, finally my boys thought they'd just feed the birds
so they wouldn't go after me.

How very thoughtful!

God's Grace Overflows

This road was right near our camp,
I just love the thought
of how many have traveled down this road.
Beautiful pine trees and speckles of color
all the way down the bumpy road.

God's Grace Overflows

These little red berries are considered BEAR food
up here. Yes BEAR!!  You heard me right!
Once I found out that there were BEARS,
I stayed very close to camp with my gun on my hip!!

My guys went and got wood for the camp fires
and my middle son comes back and says
"Guess what I saw?"

Not even 5 miles from my camp!

I tried to tell myself maybe he's like Yogi Bear.
He won't bother me, if I don't bother him.

Yep, it worked for awhile until I heard
 their were hunters hunting bear
(including my oldest son)

All I can say is,
I walked around each tree around camp
and prayed for safety and proctection
for all of us!!

God never let's me down!!

God's Grace Overflows

I just love old trees!!
This pine tree was seeping sap.
Ooey and Gooey...
If only this tree could talk,
imagine the stories it could share.

God's Grace Overflows

My boys enjoying several rides 
on the four wheelers!
Up and down and back again they went....

So much fun!

I'm heading back to the mountains this weekend
to help haul stuff home...

So far only a few shots, for those elk are quick!
I personally think Archery 
season is a hard hunt...

Thank goodness we only have 3 more trips
 planned for this hunting season!!

So in the meantime...

I hope you all have a wonderful September!!

Thanks so much for stopping by....



Wendi said...

A beautiful place to camp. Now, I could have gone the whole trip without knowing about the bear and bear cub. Oh, and my child hunting bear too! Although I guess it is best to be in the know and prepared. Enjoy the quiet while the boys are away and the joy in making memories while camping together!

Debby Ray said...

Oh Amy...this looks like pure heaven. Years ago we used to tent camp and had no stove or anything else...every thing was cooked on the open fire and tasted so good. That is the only way to really camp in my opinion! Your pics are stunning and I haven't been on Instagram for a while so I hadn't seen most of them! Sure looks like a lot of fun! Hugs!

Jill said...

Beautiful photos! Felt like I was along on a nice walk with you :-) Glad you didn't actually encounter the bear on your trip... we've had a few of those as well. I remember one camping trip we woke up to a bear sitting on our picnic table eating food! LOL Needless to say we stayed very still and quiet in the tent till they went away! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Jennifer said...

Hello! Sorry it took so long for me to comment. You have such wonderful adventures! How nice to be able to sit at came and make an outdoor home for the men to come back to. Then you can also rest and enjoy the beauty around you to. Love the pictures of the fireweed! One of my favourite wild flowers. Love your story about the bird...seems to have made life interesting for you.
The Lord does give lots of protection! I live where bears black and grizzly walk all around our place. The best thing is just to make sure they know you're there. They feel the same about us, wanting to not be in our presence. :) In it all I hope that your men are able to bring you home some meat.

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