Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Busy, Busy...

God's Grace Overflows

I'm Here! I'm Here!

Just thought I would pop in real quick and say HELLO!

May is a very busy month for us.

School is coming to a close and the little boys have 2 weeks left,
big boy is done with college classes until this Fall.

We are getting things ready for our
 annual friends and family camping trip.
Memorial weekend fun!!

Every day I try to get things put in the camper, 
so it's not so overwhelming before we go.

My hubby planted grass seed, 
so I've been watering morning and night.
Plus, there's all the other things that need tending to.

We have had family home and that was
 busy, busy for about 10 days.
We miss them all ready!

Mother's Day Barbecue and a relaxing day!

Vet appointment for our Daisy Girl.

Lots of errands have been ran and 
many more to follow I'm sure. HA!

We have been praying daily as we are in a drought
 and we are now inundated with grasshoppers!

Grasshoppers will eat and destroy anything in their paths.
So, as my mom in law was praying she asked for flocks of birds
to come in and eat the grasshoppers!
Guess what?  The birds have come!!
We've never seen so many birds on our property!
Thank you Jesus!

We are continuing to pray for these birds and for rain!!

The month of June is gonna be just as Busy, busy!

We are taking a family camping trip for over 10 days!!
We are gonna go exploring....
And we are so excited!!

God's Grace Overflows

Thank you for stopping by!!!

Until next time....

Hugs and Blessings,



living from glory to glory said...

Hello Busy Momma...
You do have a lot on your plate, but you always handle it with grace and prayer! You enjoy it all as it goes way to fast! I always enjoy your sweet posts! Hugs, Roxy

Billie Jo said...

Hi Amy!!!
So happy to hear from you!
I always enjoy visiting with you.
Have a wonderful time on your adventure!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

How fun to have an annual camping trip to look forward to. Traditions are a wonderful thing. Enjoy May to its fullest! I have enjoyed visiting here for my first time today!

Debby Ray said...

Oh Amy, your camping trip sounds like so much fun! And how wonderful it is that the Lord heard Roxy's prayers! Enjoy your precious time with your family!

Jennifer said...

What a joy it is to be a servant to your family, even in the busy times! Sounds like you have many lovely things going on. Yes, praying for birds to eat the bugs so that your grass and trees and plants will flourish!
Do enjoy the camping!, I love exploring and I pray you find some new favourite spots!

Pam said...

What a nice treat to get a chance to catch up on your blog, Amy. I know you are very busy indeed, but all such a good type of busy, your camping trips sound wonderful, and I love that you guys get to do a lot of that. I'm also praying also for rain, and I think praying for extra birds is a great idea, love it.Enjoy and hopefully we can all see each other some where in the midst of the busyness this summer.

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