Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Refreshed Pictures

Good Afternoon All!
Finally, got all my little upgrades complete.
Now, I have been trying to put things back together for the Christmas Season.
Here's a few pictures that I took this morning for you all the take a looksie.
I don't have any before pictures,
 but I will let you know the walls before were a light beige and pretty banged up.
And now........
 Here is my new Dining Room
with Beautiful Gold Walls named" Chablis"
 My Grandma's re-stained China Cabinet and my pretty plates displayed
 My new find from Hobby Lobby, with all our family portraits
 Our new wood stove and it burns with no issues, YAY!!
 Our new Cowboy Den
My hubby put Tongue and Groove Wains Coat on the wall
 My son's door to his room
It goes great with the theme!
Another wall all Cowboy'd Up in the Den
We've had these pictures since my oldest son was 2
and they now belong in the Den
 My new Kitchen Island, my hubby and son designed
 Top view, Isn't it pretty?
 The center of my island is my favorite!
 My new find for the wall, This so describes my family!
And, we got our tree up this weekend!
I hope you all have a great week and take time to enjoy this CHRISTmas season.
And remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!
Much Love,


living from glory to glory said...

Dear Amy, seeing these pictures really bring the make-over to life!
I think it all looks marvelous.
The new family photo is so sweet, God has blessed you much with your family and home. But your growth in the Lord is wonderful. A strong women of the Lord what could be more beautiful!
Blessings, and when I count mine I count YOU twice :)

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Everything looks just lovely! I LOVE the door to your son's bedroom! It is just fantastic!!!! :)

Pam said...

I am so glad I got to see all this in person yesterday. It was a highlight to me. Everything looked so, so nice. Your hubby is a talented man; and I love how you and Roxy and Danny all work together on things its wonderful. The cookie tray was a highlight as well I even posted about it tonight and linked you and Roxy. Now you will have to post some of those recipes! Thanks also for the very precious card. I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness I'm glad you came to remind me!!! These finished pictures are so great!!!
I Llllllove the wood burning stove! It actually looks so much like ours, and I just couldn't be happier with ours! Does yours have a fan?
And how adorable is the door to the boy's room??? So clever! And fun!
Your island is great. Love the detail in the tile work!
:-). So homey, and wonderful! I just wish we lived closer!

Amy said...

Thanks everyone, we sure do love all the new and refreshing upgrades! And, yes Danielle our new stove has a fan/blower and it works so good. My house has been very warm and I'm not complaining!! If you come to see your parents, we'll have to go for coffee!
Take Care.

Elizabeth said...

Amy I loved having a house tour!!!! Everything looks so beautiful and cozy. Your hubby did such a brilliant job like always! I especially love the island. You got me all inspired now!

Marie said...

What a delight to find these pictures on your blog Amy! Such a nice peek into your world! I love your painting and I am so impressed with you and your hubby!
The Wains Coat is so beautiful and the island is just perfect! That stove is SO cozy!!

I love this so much and all I need now is to come and see you in person!

Ashley said...

I just love the way you did your dining room. I love the top of the island. It nice to have a place for the kids to eat and to cook on. LOVE IT!! What a great Christmas gift for you! Miss you!

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