Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Homemade Pizza

Pizza! Pizza!
Oh yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!
A meal in one crust, you can't beat it and my boys just love it.
I have finally mastered making bread dough
 and I have found one simple recipe for a whole wheat pizza crust.
Follow the link below to find the recipe and then create your very own pizza.
I make 2 crusts at a time, so we can have double the goodness.
Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

Be content with what you have.
Hebrews 13:5


living from glory to glory said...

I must say Pizza homemade is by far the most delicous and filling thing yet. And the whole wheat is so much better for you!
I would also like to keep the Pizza Man :)
Blessings, Roxy

Pam said...

You know its true, it is a meal in one crust, and no you can't beat it. You know we love pizza around here. I love that you are making it. I like the whole wheat crust too (I like them all of course), and often make it when I am making up a big batch of bread for the week. I love the pic of Clayton and the pizza (did he help make it?)
Bon Appetite Ya'll.

Love you all bunches,

Mabel Jane's said...

Thank you Amy for your sweet comment on my blog. Yes, Pinterest can be addictive. It, like anything else can become an idol in ones life. Looking forward to trying your pizza recipe...blessings...Pam

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