Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What's in your Food?

What's in your food?
Have you noticed that your child seems to act a bit funny after he/she eats something?
Well.... I can tell you that it might be the artificial dyes in our sweets and in our actual food that is causing a reaction (like a severe allergic reaction) in you or your children's diet!
We have been trying to eat more natural and wholesome foods for quite some time and we came across something with our youngest child. He loves suckers!! And, every time he would eat this certain sucker, he would act not quite himself. And then we noticed some other foods that he was struggling with after he ate it. So, I did what every mom would do......
I threw out the suckers, PRAYED and then started to research several
 different sites on the dangers of Artificial Dyes. 
And this is what I find:
Studies have shown that Artificial Food Dyes are associated with the following conditions:
Yellow # 5-
 is linked to Hyperactivity
Eczema and Hives
Aggressive Violent Behaviors
Sleep Disturbances
Increased Susceptibility to Infections
Yellow #6-
Eczema and Hives
Red #40-
Aggressive Violent Behaviors
Eczema and Hives
Decreased Cognitive Functions
Red #3-
Behavioral Effects
Most processed foods have some forms of dye in them.  READ your labels!
 It's in more foods than you think.
I came across another site and it showed what all these dyes listed above were in and you would be shocked to know that its in some:
Hot dogs
Sports Drinks
Soda Pop
Frozen berries
Granola Bars
Fruit juices
Instant oatmeal w/ fruit
Mac and Cheese
Chewable Vitamins
Pain Relievers
Children's Body Washes & Shampoos

Here is the link below, if you would like to do your own research:
The Dangers of Artificial Dyes

Dangers of Artificial Dyes #2

After I did some researching and a lot of Praying my hubby and I have come to the conclusion that our youngest son has a high sensitivity to dyes, especially the Red #40. So, I cleaned out my cabinets and read all the labels and found what has dye and what doesn't
AND..... It has been over a month now and my son is doing great!
No outbursts, irritability's and no acting "Wigged Out"!!

One thing I know is if God Didn't Create It, Don't Eat It!!

I hope this sheds a little bit of light on the Dangers of Artificial Dyes. It's been a battle of trial and error around here, but one thing I know is God is in Control and the Devil has lost this battle!

I will be posting a Dye Free Sucker recipe shortly!!
(And my little guys loves them)




Pam said...

Oh wow Amy, I am so glad you posted this!... I was telling Marie about it the other day, and I love having all the info right here. Are food colorings the same things as dye, and what about natural food colorings that are sometimes put in foods? I know sometimes a thing is called natural, but until you really find out what something is, you don't know for sure if it is natural or not..... for instance, cheddar cheese has a natural color added (I now think I will read all labels all the time), but I am not sure if it is the same thing.

Marie said...

Oh my word Amy, this is so amazing. I am shocked! I can't believe how horrible it is, and I can't believe there is dye in PICKLES! That is so crazy! I am so glad you guys figured it out and have been keeping him well stocked with other healthier candies, I am not sure if I would know it would be the dyes. That is so amazing that you figured it out! Praise the Lord!

Great job! So much love dear friend!!

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