Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hiking,Sliding and Bear Tracks OH MY!...

Hello All!

We have made it back from our little 
mini vacation to the mountains!

It was such a nice trip and I will post pictures
 when I have a chance to download them.

I did want to share a little fun (exhausting) 
family hike we went on while we were up there.

First off, my oldest son, Clayton says" I'm the leader!"
(I should have known to stay at camp at that moment)
So, we carried on to a trail up the road.
Mind you it's me, my hubby (in shorts) and my three boys.

My hubby says as we are walking, this should be an easy trail, 
they won't go far, we should be fine in shorts.  
Ya right! NOT!

The first half an hour walk was beautiful and scenic...
then... well let's just say we came to large boulders next to a dry creek bed,
my son, "The Leader" says come on, follow me.  
Ugh, okay?! How do you expect me to get up that?
Oh come on mom, it's easy!
Ya right! NOT! 
Easy, my eye...
After my hubby pushed me up the boulder, 
we were off hiking a bit harder by then...
Did I mention I was in shorts?
Scrape #1...

Then the supposed trail got a little thicker 
with poky bushes and more large rocks to climb. 
Scrapes and Scratch #10

Beautiful view, lots of deer...

We get to the very tippy, tippy top of this large beautiful mountain
and my hubby has to point out that there is a tree 
that has been freshly clawed by a bear trying to dig out termites!
I say Whaaaat?!!!!!!!!

I moved a little quicker through that part of the woods.
And, then my son says "oh and look at all the turned over rocks,
those bears must be hungry!" 
Seriously, Whaaaat?!!!!!

I was practically running up the steep mountain at this point.
While slipping and sliding...
I thought I was gonna pass out from fear and heat exhaustion!
(there was a bear running around up there, 
thankfully we never saw him)


So, we get to the very top of the mountain where 
there is literally cactus and 
yucca plants growing because we are so high up. 
 (Like in the nose bleed section) 
Ya, that high!

And we start to climb down very carefully, we are slipping and sliding
 trying to hold on to whatever non thorny thing you 
can grab on to and my youngest son, 
Marshall drops his survival bag, doesn't know where it fell off at, 
so we had to search for his bag back up the mountain.
I was getting very tired and irritated at this point.
Thinking of ways become the Leader of this Hike!

Thankfully we found it and headed back down the mountain.

Finally after a 2 1/2 mile hike in the wilderness for over 2 hours
we made it to camp in one piece....
my legs were scratched and banged up pretty good.
Scrapes and Scratches #... I lost count!

I laughed so hard at one point, 
when I almost slid down the last part 
of the steep mountain to the road, 
it was either laugh or cry and I chose to Laugh!

Just for the Record (if anyone cares)
Clayton is no longer aloud to be the leader 
without telling us his official game plan
and the level of hiking we will be enduring!

Sheesh... I was one tired, worn out mama!

I should note that I have a let's just say
 a Gracefulness about me
 when walking on solid ground...

So when you get me on a
 rough trail like this one was well...
it was interesting to say the least.

Made the day full of laughter and stories!!

I'm so glad to be home...

Till next time,
Take a walk and enjoy the scenery if you can,
And watch out for BEARS!!!



Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Wow! What a hike. I have difficulty walking this one dead end street that we live on!! I look forward to reading more and viewing your photos. You were missed!

Pam Phelps said...

This was so cute Amy… you had me just laughing out loud. Glad you got to get away for a bit… even if you came back a little banged up (thank goodness the bears kept their distance).

Love and Blessings,

Marie said...

Oh my goodness Amy, this was so funny. You made me laugh out loud too. I wonder if you were sore the next few days? I know I probably wouldn't have been able to move too much after a hike like that!

So lovely visiting your blog. I have been missing you and it does me so good to rest and catch up here.

Love you

Vicky Hunt said...

Oh my goodness! What an adventure...:) Glad to hear you made it through and just think of the stories you can tell in the years to come...lol! Sounds like you had a nice vacation...I love the mountains!

Blessings, Vicky

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Amy! So funny!! You can add this story to the many camping adventures! We heard a cougar in the woods last night!How crazy is that?
Missing you!

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