Sunday, April 30, 2017

Final Snow Storm?...

Hello Friends!  How are you?
How was your weekend?
How was your weather?

As you can see...
We got another great big snow storm.
Our area was one of the hardest hit during this storm.
We got over 2 feet of snow!

I took these with my phone as I wanted to
 show you how bad it really is out here.
This was taken off my top deck!

This is my back yard.
Our poor trees were bent over
and some of our branches snapped.
We were out there early Saturday morning trying to
 get as much heavy snow off our branches as we
 could so it wouldn't cause much damage to our trees.

This is the front of my MIL house,
very deep snow...
Can you find the wheelbarrow?

Another view of our back yard.
See the trees....we were all upset
 and a few tears were shed.
But, we continued to work together 
 to get the snow knocked off.

As we were outside I prayed.
I prayed for our trees. 
 I prayed and praised God for the moisture.
I prayed for safety for my hubby and son as they 
weren't home during the brunt of the storm.

This was taken several hours after we
 banged snow off the trees
and the wind started. 
Most of the trees looked more perky, well more upright.
Perky..not so much! LOL.

While my father in law was outside,
 he was praying and God reminded him that
only the strong survive!

This is such a good reminder to have.
Especially in times like these.
We fight and we endure.
We become strong in Christ!
We. Never. Give.Up!

Am I right?

As for an update from our view this Sunday:

We still have a ton of snow.
Lots of drifts some very high 
others just a few inches.
Our road plows are stuck!
So, no getting out on our roads today.
2 of my boys and his friend went to try 
and help people in town with down trees.
(Thankfully my oldest has four-wheel drive and a winch!)

I helped hubby gather wood for our wood stove.
Talk about a work out!
My in laws tried to go to church, but got stuck!
Thank goodness, hubby was home to go rescue them!

And...well...I'm just enjoying the warmth of my home
and a window view of the snow...

Maybe I'll make some cookies...

I hope you have a delightful week!

Thank you for stopping by...

Hugs & Blessings,


Billie Jo said...

Oh my goodness!
Amy, that is unbelievable!
Glad you are safe and sound and cozy.
Wondering what kind of cookies you made! : )

NanaDiana said...

That is just crazy that you got snow like that, Amy!! Seriously---tomorrow is MAY FIRST. We are cold and have rain but I think we have had our last snow (she said hopefully). Blessings and I hope 9uo week is a good one. xo Diana

Laura Lane said...

Oh goodness Amy! That's terrible.
(My daughter Amy wants to know if you know her name is Amy, too.)
We've got flooding all around us in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. I haven't heard yet about other areas around.

Talk about extremes!

The flood waters from our creek covered our north field but didn't make it up the hill to the house. Praise God. Lots of folks are displaced now.

Be blessed,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Debby Ray said...

Oh. My. Word! I can't even imagine this in May. I am impressed with your positivity and seeing the blessings of moisture the snow has brought. Stay warm and eat LOTS of cookies with LOTS of hot chocolate! Hugs!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh my word Amy, what a snowstorm this one was! It will go down in the record books I'm sure! That is just a massive amount of snow! Our last snowstorm was in early March and all our winter stuff is packed up, we would have been in trouble, lol! Oh I know what you mean about saving the trees, so much heavy weight on them! Your family is very resourceful and what a blessing you were to your neighbors and friends all around! I hope you enjoyed making your cookies, that sounds like a great thing to do on such a day! I know your husband and kids coming back home to such a warm comforting aroma would be so thankful :) Hugs to you today!

Jennifer said...

HI! So glad to hear that you are safe through that big storm! That is a lot of snow and I'm thankful you were able to help the trees out some. I would agree perky wasn't a good word. lol So glad that they will be ok!

Yes it's always good to thank the Lord for the moisture in a dry land, and praise God that everyone is safe!
Did you end up making cookies?

Aritha said...

Brrr ... Amy, what a snow! I love the photos but I think you are still longing a bit for spring. God is learning you to WAIT. Big hug, out of Europe.

Vicky Hunt said...

I know this must have been a little scary but how beautiful! I'm glad your trees weren't damaged too badly. Has the snow all melted? We've actually had really cool weather here today for May. We got some rain last night and it brought a cool front with it. It was so nice! Have a blessed weekend.

Hugs, Vicky

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I am so glad you did a post on our snowstorm! How wild is that a week ago we were in a blizzard! The trees will leaf out again soon I hope, and we only lost a few large limbs. So thankful we all worked together to help get the snow off them! Re-post this in August LOL
Hugs, Roxy

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