Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things Go Better With Prayer

 We are all familiar with the saying, "The family that prays together, stays together."
It has become a Christian cliché and though it has all the elements of truth, it doesn't always work out in real life.  There are families who do pray together who then do not "stay together."  One strays from the faith of his fathers; another may develop doubts as to the value of praying; or one of the family members may become openly rebellious.
How then, can we say that things go better with prayer?
For they do!!
Jesus believed in the power of prayer. Have you thought that with all of His emphasis on "going into all the world to preach the Gospel," the only instruction Christ gave there in Matthew 9 was,
 "Pray ye, therefore"
What is Prayer?
A while back, a family member started a conversation topic on prayer: How we pray, that we tend to ask-ask-ask, that there is a dearth of thanksgiving in our praying, that we neglect to tell our Lord that we love him and that the spirit of adoration is missing.
Of course, this is generalizing; it may not be true for you at all. But what these people were saying is that if things are going to go better with prayer, we will have to be sure we really are praying,
 not just listing our wants.
Jesus provided us with the elements of true and acceptable prayer. In a brief sixty six words it encompasses: the fatherhood of God (toward believers); reverence; submission to the will of God; daily provision for our needs; the vital importance of being forgiving; our resources against temptation; and finally, an acknowledgement that God is God-the King all Glorious!!
We also must not fail to mention another prayer:
"God have mercy on me, a sinner"
Luke 18:13
When I  have earnestly prayed this prayer and put due emphasis on the Lord's Prayer,
we will find that things do "go better."
I hope you have a glorious day!



Ceil said...

Great post! Loved the sixty six words, and the final prayer of mercy.

Everyone prays in their own way, yet the needs of people are so similar, don't you think? And if we are earnest, that's what really matters.

I think God is listening to you, my friend :)

Peace in Christ,

lizzy said...

Amy what a well written and encouraging post. I so agree! You are a ray of light for me as I sit hear typing. Isn't it interesting how we can connect this way through a computer. I am so thankful. I love the Lord's prayer and also the song that was made from it. Our Pastor will be starting a new series this coming Sunday on the Lord's prayer. You just got me excited about it :) Thank you for sharing and posting Amy! You keep it up!!! Love you!


Pam said...

A great post Amy. Steve and I pray the Lord's prayer almost every day in our regular prayer time. It has really stood out to us in the last couple of years more
than ever. Sometimes we like to do communion together as well. It has helped us be in His presence. Thanks for a great post.
Love you bunches,

Mrs.C said...

My heart has been pricked quite often lately, reminding me to take that time and just thank Him and praise Him for His mercy and goodness, that He lavishes upon us daily. Wonderful post!

hsmominmo said...


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