Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Special Tea Party...

Won't you join us for a cup of Tea?

This is a very special kind of tea party
To where you are all invited or maybe 
just your favorite stuffed animals!

My youngest son, 
Marshall LOVES tea parties!

He tells me the other day
"Mom I want to have a tea party 
for all my best friends"

So, he planned the day
with food and tea
And of course mom's best china!
He set the table to his liking
and the party began...

 He made sure each of his guests
 had a special spot at the table.
And he made them all his favorite sandwich
Plum Jelly!

 We of course had to have a candle burning...
His special guests love lunch by candlelight!

He made sure his best ever friend, 
Clifford sat right next to him!
Soooo Precious!

Tiny and Teeny are patiently 
waiting for their tea!

It's time to pour the tea,
He had to do it all by himself...

Clifford is all happy,
can't you tell...
Ruff, Ruff!

Now, to taste it, to see if it's just right!

He loves his tea cup that I bought 
just for his special tea parties!

And of course tea with me!

I think he had a wonderful tea party,
wouldn't you say?!

I hope you join us again soon!

What a fun day...

Now, time to do all the dishes...

A mother's work is never done
but oh my, the memories that were made 
were and are just PRICELESS!

See you later Alligators!
After while crocodiles!


Ceil said...

Hi Amy! I just loved tea parties when I was a girl. We drank water out of our cups and pretended to eat special cookies. I like this better! Real tea, and real goodies...bring it on :)
How fun that you have a son who likes to play tea party, and wants you to join in. Adorable! You are such a great Mom my friend.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures and memories to cherish. I know you enjoyed this special tea party with him.

Laura Lane said...

That made me smile!

Pam Phelps said...

This was so sweet Amy. It looks like a wonderful tea party, and I love all of Marshall's friends. Your China is very pretty, and I like Marshall's cup. I think its great that he likes tea parties. I believe Zane, Winston and Ezra do too. They always ask to have tea time. I'm glad you took pictures. It truly is wonderful to have all of those memories recorded in pictures. Time goes by so fast, and you don't realize how you will treasure those pictures in a short time.
Love and Blessings,

living from glory to glory said...

I think this Tea Party is the sweetest one I have ever seen!
That little man just makes me smile and truly melts my heart!
Loved this so much!
Makes me feel sentimental!
A treasure for sure...
XO Roxy

Valerie said...

That is precious! Love your blog.
Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

Marie said...

Oh Amy, I can't get over how sweet and cute Marshal is. I love his pictures. Friends sure do make tea time so special even if it is stuffed friends. It wouldn't be the same without them.

Love you guys

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