Monday, January 30, 2017

Honoring Your Husband...

Well...January is almost over
 and February is on it's way...

I'm telling you, the days are just flying by 
quicker and quicker.  
I seriously just blink and it's the next day.

I wanted to share with you something a friend of mine
shared with our homeschool group.
I just thought it was too good not 
to share with all of you.

So go grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee 
and a pad of paper just in case you 
want to jot some things down.

Think of this more as a challenge...
A February Challenge

Really examine your relationship with your husband. 
Are you honoring him? 
Do you respect him? 
Do you love him? 
Really think about it, 
do you put the kids before your husband? 

Take some time today to pray about your 
relationship with your husband. 
Ask God to help you to make this 
relationship a priority, 
read His Word and examine your heart.
  Be intentional! 
Have you thought about how you
 are going to be intentional
in your relationship with your husband? 

We are continually thinking and changing how 
we can better teach our children,
 but what we often miss is that 
daily we are teaching them through our attitude and actions. 

They watch how we honor, respect 
and love our husbands ... 
Or how we dishonor, disrespect or 
don't love our husbands. 
We are showing them what marriage looks 
like & this will affect their future marriage.

 Some of us may have not had a 
good example in our parents, 
but we can change it for our children.

If you are divorced this looks different for you,
 but you may still have a relationship 
with your children's father.
 Pray and ask God how He wants your attitude
 and actions to look like to your ex-husband.
 This is not going to be easy, 
but God will help you.

I am praying for each one of you as you seek God 
and be intentional with this relationship. 

Be Blessed Ladies!
Have a delightful and uplifting week...


Sylvia said...

Good post, Amy. Yes, my relationship is important to me. We have been empty nesters for years now, but it is always on my mind about treating each other with Love, especially when the grandchildren are with us. It is very important to set a good example!

living from glory to glory said...

These are words of wisdom and it is God's way of doing things! The worlds ways are doing what feels good if it benefit yourself.
Honoring our husbands is a win win situation!!
So glad you all were able to hear that message!
And yes, the days are just flying by...
Hugs, Roxy

Jennifer said...

Wonderfully put! Everything filters down to our kids. May they see a good example in the parents for it'll benefit not only the marriage relationship, but the children as well.
Time does go fast, and we need to be very intentional with our time, especially with our husbands.

Debby Ray said...

So much wisdom in the post, Amy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder! Hugs to you!

SpicingUpIdaho said...

A timely reminder to take stock of the things that are most important. My husband and I have always been so careful to cherish our relationship, because we know once the kids are grown, we will only have each other. That time is getting closer and closer, and it is like time flies by in a blink of an eye, I agree! I am blessed to be married to the most amazing man who loves me and his family so much, and I thank the Lord every day for him. I know you have a wonderful husband too. God is so good to us.

Appreciate you sharing these wonderful words of wisdom today. Hugs to you my friend :)

Laura Lane said...

Glad you shared!

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